3 Piece Gap Cover Installation

My original Challenger had a simple aluminum gap cover. I liked the looks of the molded three piece fiberglass version so I decided to upgrade this part during the rebuild. The part comes in three pieces and is gel coated black. … Continue reading

Rib Reinforcing Tape

Reinforcement tape gets applied over the tops of the ribs before the rivets get installed. Here is how I did it. This part goes really quick. Just cut and apply. … Continue reading

Drilling Wing Ribs

Originally the wing fabric was stitched to the ribs. I decided after consulting with the factory and other knowledgeable people in the Challenger community to re attach the new fabric using rivets as specified in the Challenger manual. This involves pre-drilling each … Continue reading

Wing Rib Tapes and Rivets

Here is how I did my rib tapes and rivets. I made a template for drilling out of aluminum angle. I then drilled all the holes in the ribs. Reinforcement tape is next and then I burned out all the … Continue reading

Wing Covering

Starting with the bottom fabric.     Here I had to make the openings for the wing strut attach brackets. I burned them out with a soldering iron. First coat of Poly Brush The wings were the second thing I … Continue reading