Nav Light Installation

The original Challenger did not have any lighting. I am installing an all LED Navigation and Strobe light kit from Kuntzleman. The installation is pretty straight forward. Just install the control box and run the wires to the wing tips. … Continue reading

New Pitot Tube

I installed a brand new pitot tube using a kit from Skyes the Limit. INstallation is very straight forward up on the root tube. I will need to cut the fiberglass top fairing to accommodate the new pitot tube.   … Continue reading

Wing Rib Tapes and Rivets

Here is how I did my rib tapes and rivets. I made a template for drilling out of aluminum angle. I then drilled all the holes in the ribs. Reinforcement tape is next and then I burned out all the … Continue reading

Wing Covering

Starting with the bottom fabric.     Here I had to make the openings for the wing strut attach brackets. I burned them out with a soldering iron. First coat of Poly Brush The wings were the second thing I … Continue reading